About Us

Dan W. Welch, Inc. is a public adjustment company whose knowledge of claims presentation encompasses a perspective on claims adjustment which is informed by having experience from both worlds of insurance company and public adjustment.

We are an experienced navigational team that will help reckon where you are as to value and position in the presentation of your claim. We are a Lighthouse of information that will help you to navigate the uncertainties and bring you safely to your financial harbor. We are a company that will give you solutions with an emphasis on excellence, honesty, and integrity.

Dan W. Welch, Inc. will clarify your responsibilities under the insurance contract, prepare and request all needed documentation, prepare cost evaluations as to the value of your loss, thoroughly examine your insurance contract for evident as well as hidden benefits available to you, take needed photographic surveys, create a thorough claims file for the possibility of litigation, as well as examine the facts to ascertain loss of use or loss of business income claims.

Dan W. Welch Inc. is a full service public adjusting company, and advocate for you, the home or business owner. We will advise and assist you in the presentation of your claim, employing the latest computer and internet technologies available, and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement with your insurance company. Our fee for services is only a small percentage of the amount collected from your insurance company, contingent on the settlement of a claim.

When a loss or damage occurs at your home or business, call us first. We will meet immediately with you at your property and render a free and honest evaluation of your loss as to the possibility of your being able to present a claim to your insurance company. Should we determine that the claim is not covered, there is no charge for our time and travel.