Why Use Us

There are few more valuable investments that you will make in your lifetime apart from your home or business. This is why you have balanced your portfolio with insurance to protect these assets.

Should damage occur to your home or business, you expect these losses to be offset by benefits available to you from the instruments of insurance which you have purchased to protect them. You want expeditious service that completely restores you to the same position you were in prior to the damage occurring.

However, when you have a claim, you join the majority of people who never anticipated the complexity, nor really understand the nuances, of filing an insurance claim. You are presented with forms and instructions which can be confusing, such as non-waiver agreements, reservation of rights letters, sworn statements in proof of loss, policy mandates on time for filing, mandates on your obligations to exhibit damaged property, as well as other documentation demands.

Adding to your dilemma, you discover that the adjuster sent to you is not your advocate, but is solely dedicated to preserving and protecting the interests of the insurance company which is measured in terms of their effectiveness in mitigating the amount ultimately paid to you for your claim. When you present a “claim”, your insurance company calls this a “loss.” You wish to be paid from the insurance company for all of your claims, yet the insurance company wishes to minimize that payout. This creates an adversarial relationship between you and your insurance company as your interests in the outcome of the claim is opposed to each other. The insurance company will immediately begin the claims process by inducting you into a claims settlement program that was formulated by the company specifically to save them money. Unfortunately, you will discover that the insurance company’s money saving ideas will directly impact your financial recovery.

Aside from the forgoing, do you really, when you consider it fully, know the true value and extent of your loss? Or have you allowed the insurance company, without accountability, to tell you what your loss is? Further, not understanding the principle of indemnity, nor being aware of the interplay of the clauses of your insurance contract, nor having relevant knowledge of recent court rulings which may change the way your insurance policy is interpreted, as applied to coverage, how do you know that the correct determination of coverage was made to you? Adding to this, because of your emotional involvement in that you wish for things to return to normal as quickly as possible, you are negotiating from an inherent position of weakness.

Your insurance company has no legal obligation to help you file a claim, instead, adjusters for the companies, are trained that the burden of presenting a claim is to be borne by the insured, you, alone.

This is why you should consider using Dan W. Welch, Inc. to advise and assist you in the adjustment of your claim.