The Aftermath | Windstorm, Falling Objects, Hail, Weight of Ice and Snow

  1. Immediately contact a roofer, in order that they might thoroughly examine the roof for cause and origin of roof leak.
  2. Request that the roofer make minimum, temporary, emergency repairs. These repairs may consist of a tarp, a temporary patch, or the application of roofing cement and/or fabric to openings within the roof.
  3. Request that the roofer photograph his findings if possible, and further, request that the roofer advise you of his findings in writing.
  4. Should you be unable to contact a roofer, please contact our office immediately, in order that we can provide you with names of roofers for you to contact.
  5. For opening in walls, request that a contractor try to secure the opening with a tarp and/or plywood (depending upon the size) for security.
  6. In cases where the roof and/or walls have been penetrated by a FALLING OBJECT, follow the above instructions.
  7. In cases of severe structural damage, immediately engage a contractor to provide temporary shore-up to stabilize the structure.
  8. For ensuing water damage, please see instructions under “Water Damage”.
  9. Consider renting a generator for short term power outages.
  10. Protect and preserve all remaining building and personal property items, in order that they may be exhibited to the insurance company as they appeared in their state subsequent to the loss. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.