Aftermath | Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Lightning

  1. Board up all openings to prohibit an attractive nuisance and to protect any salvageable items.
  2. If roof is burnt through, try to have the roof tarped.
  3. Remove all salvageable contents items if building is insecure and/or open to the elements
  4. Winterize all plumbing by draining all lines and pouring anti-freeze into all toilet basins
  5. In cases of severe structural damage, immediately engage a contractor to provide temporary shore-up to stabilize the structure.
  6. For ensuing water damage, please see the instructions under Water Damage.
  7. In cases of severely smoke damaged items, do not wet-clean these items. Send them to a dry-cleaner who specializes in smoke damaged clothing restoration, and/or to a professional fire/smoke cleaning service. Wet-cleaning the items will set the smoke stain within the items.
  8. Keep track of all paid out expenses by way of receipt.
  9. Keep an inventory on the amount of time that you expend on your home or business.
  10. Have an appliance dealer check out all electronic items for the feasibility of repair.
  11. Try to salvage perishable items by purchasing ice chests, etc. to keep items refrigerated if possible.
  12. Consider renting a generator for short term power outages.
  13. Protect and preserve all remaining building and personal property items, in order that they may be exhibited to the insurance company as they appeared in their state subsequent to the loss. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.