Aftermath | Frozen Pipes

  1. Preserve all damaged piping for exhibition to insurance company to prove loss was from freezing.
  2. Immediately wet-vac, mop, or try to soak up the water.
  3. In cases of water damaged carpet over hardwood floors, immediately lift or tear out the carpet, depending upon the volume of water damage to the carpet, and attempt to place fans under the carpeting in order to circulate air under the water damaged area of the carpet. In cases where the carpet is completely saturated, tear the carpeting out of your home to protect the hardwood floor from buckling, then place fans on the hardwood floor after trying to dry by wet-vacuuming and/or mopping, in order to cause the water to evaporate. It is advised that you contact a professional cleaning service so that they may try to remove and salvage the carpet by drying and cleaning it, if possible. In cases where carpeting is laid over a plywood floor and/or a concrete floor, try to lift the carpeting and place a fan under same. Immediately “chalk” all furniture items to lift them off the carpeting, by placing a small piece of wood and/or Styrofoam under same, to prohibit furniture staining into the carpeting, as well as damage to the furniture from staying on the wet carpeting.
  4. Protect and preserve all remaining building and personal property items, in order that they may be exhibited to the insurance company as they appeared in their state subsequent to the loss. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.