Aftermath | Theft Vandalism

  1. Immediately report the loss to the police. At that time secure a police report.
  2. Advise the police that you will be sending to them a complete inventory when you have had an opportunity to thoroughly assess the loss. Do not throw a random figure out to the police, rather provide an accurate figure through a detailed inventory.
  3. Secure the dwelling and/or business.
  4. Temporarily repair any openings to prohibit weather damage.
  5. Begin searching for proof of the existence of the stolen items. Proof will consist of warranty manuals, receipts, credit card statements, photographs which may show the item in the background of the same, witness statements from people who had personal knowledge of the existence of the item, statements from the vendor of the item that you did in fact purchase the item from them and/or duplicate receipts from those vendors.
  6. Protect and preserve all remaining building and personal property items, in order that they may be exhibited to the insurance company as they appeared in their state subsequent to the loss. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.